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Water News and Reports

Water Quality in Florida has been in the news for decades. Here is some of the recent media coverage:

Senator puts Radium on Radar Pollition puts Officials in Hot Seats
Contaminants in Water Health Official Explains Radium Risk
Water Tested in Local Schools ECUA Slow to Inform
Long-term Effect of Toxic Plume EPA Examines Florida DEP Actions
Companies Avoid Costly Cleanup
Fuel Additive, MTBE Found in Area Wells
Is Bottled any Better than Tap? Radioactive Water Flowed for 54 Months
Utility Faces Lawsuit Groundwater, Health Links
Plant City: Report Delayed EPA and DEP Review
More Springs, Poorer Quality Watchdog Hammers Landfill Pollution Oversight
New Superfund Needed Water Utility Customers Remain Upset
Questions Raised, Slow on Answers Hillsborough Fails EPA Test
Seeking Alternate Water Sources Contamination Source Unknown

Here are periodicals, newsletters and Consumer Reports explaining measures being utilized throughout the US to improve Water Quality.

Consumer Alert – Why soften your water? (PDF)

Study on Benefits of Removal of Water Hardness (PDF)

EPA: Drinking Water What You Need to Know (PDF)
EPA Education:
Aquifer in a Cup (PDF)
Implementing Point of Use and Point of Entry Treatment Strategies (PDF)
Chlorination (PDF)
What is Reverse Osmosis
Radium Removal from Groundwater by Ion Exchange Resin (PDF)
Reducing Radioactivity in Water (PDF)

What is Water Hard Water and Water Softening (PDF)
Soft Water:
The Economical Solution (PDF)
Water Softeners: Effective at What Level of Hardness (PDF)
Water: What a Wonder (PDF)
Well Water Concerns and Contaminants (PDF)
What is Water Disinfection? (PDF)
Contaminants: Technologies for Improving Water Quality (PDF)
Florida Springs: Deep Trouble