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Rainbow Commercial Series

Rainbow Commercial Series The Commercial Series is an excellent choice if needing a single, twin, triplex or possibly a quadraplex softener or filter system. The Rainbow Commercial Series is capable of incorporating an optional internal no hard water bypass piston, which when combines with the “NT” microprocessor or mechanical metered timer allows for equipment capable [...]

FWT Aeration System

FWT Aeration System Your Custom Solution: Florida Water Treatment offers a complete line of aerators. Models range from 130 gallon to 500 gallon capacities with indoor and outdoor applications. Aerators will reduce/remove unwanted odors, gasses, and VOC’s from your water supply. FWT’s aerators also reduce water borne radon which can be found in some water supplies. [...]

Twin Tank Well Water Treatment System

Twin Tank Well Water Treatment System Custom Solution: The FWT Well Water Treatment system represents decades of providing versatile, customizable solutions to Florida’s well water concerns. Control Valve: Top-of-the-line computerized controller meters water usage, capacity, salt/potassium usage and provides on-demand regeneration. It even maintains time of day through power outages. Treatment Tank One: Provides customizable, mixed-bed solution with [...]

Rainbow H2S

Rainbow H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Well Water Treatment System THE PROBLEM: Foul odor from your well water caused by Hydrogen Sulfide. Hydrogen Sulfide (or H2S) is a colorless gas with a characteristic foul odor of rotten eggs. It results naturally from the bacterial breakdown of organic matter in your well water. Excess amounts of H2S in your [...]

Well Water Treatment System

Well Water Treatment System Custom Solution: The FWT Well Water Treatment system represents decades of providing versatile, customizable solutions to Florida’s well water concerns. Dry Chemical Feeder: the FWT Well Water Treatment system starts with an encased chlorine feeder, which uses dry, stabilized chlorine tablets. The FWT feeder system has no moving parts and never requires priming. [...]

Dual Filtration System

Dual Filtration System REDUCE IMPURITIES IN YOUR DRINKING WATER! LEAD: A heavy metal that may cause health effects VOLATILE ORGANIC CHEMICALS: VOCs including gasoline, solvents, and industrial cleaners which may cause illness CHLORINE/CHLORAMINE: Commonly used by municipalities to disinfect the water supply CYST: Reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium & Giardia which can cause negative health [...]

Triple Filtration System

Freshpoint® Triple Filtration System The low-cost alternative to RO!* Stage 1 – Sediment Filter: five micron sediment prefilter made of melt blown polypropylene filters sediment, dirt, sand, silt, rust particles, limescale, and other particulate matter. Stage 2 – Carbon Filter: a five micron carbon block filter reduces the bad taste and odor of chlorine plus [...]

Freshpoint 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis

Freshpoint 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Features and Benefits • Tested and trusted to reduce impurities • Effortless click-in lock, dry change cartridge replacement • Faster flow rate to deliver the best clean water quickly • High efficiency 75 GPD membrane technology • Color coded cartridges to maintain proper filter sequence • Built-in check valve with multi-point [...]

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis The most widely used technology for safe, great tasting water. Removes the entire spectrum of drinking water contaminants: All FWT Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems include membrane separation, activated carbon absorption and conventional filtration to reduce the entire spectrum of contaminants that can be found in your drinking water. RO systems substantially remove heavy [...]

Rainbow Elite Plus Conditioner

Rainbow Elite Plus Your Custom Solution: The Rainbow Elite Plus features a mixed-media solution that allows for a versatile means of targeting your specific water quality concerns. This unit utilizes state of the art VortechTM technology that allows for two separate water treatment technologies in one single tank. This eliminating the need for multiple tanks and [...]